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"Is it bad for my mouth if I lost a tooth?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it bad for my mouth if I lost a tooth?


I fell down and knocked out one of my fake teeth that was on a bridge. Is this bad for my mouth if I don't get it fixed? Will I get some kind of mouth trouble if i put off fixing my tooth for a couple of months?


Sorry to hear that you injured your mouth! I do recommend that you get in to see your dentist about this issue rather than waiting. Although it seems like you just knocked out one of the false teeth, sometimes, because of the way bridges are anchored to the surrounding teeth, the blow can also chip or otherwise damage one of the real teeth. Therefore, even if you do not currently have any pain or other symptoms like loose teeth, it is best to get in to your dentist just to make certain. Sometimes, small chips in the teeth can be symptomless, but they can cause big problems if not fixed right away because they can serve as a place for bacteria to set up and begin eroding away the tooth. A quick fix now is much better than a serious dental problem down the road! When you go see your dentist, you can ask them to tell you if the damage is serious or just cosmetic. Then, if they say that the damage is just cosmetic, you can ask about whether or not it is safe to put off repairs until you have saved up money. But at least make sure there is no serious damage first!

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