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"Why is one side of my chest larger than the other side?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is one side of my chest larger than the other side?


I'm 24 years old and male and noticed that one side of my chest is larger than the other. Is this normal or do I have some kind of growth in my chest? Starting to get really nervous about it.


Asymmetry in different parts of our body is more common than we realize, but this can also be a sign of a problem if the growth persists or increases in size. While young men are commonly subject to some degree of gynecomastia (the term that describes subtle breast development in males), which can often be asymmetric, it is important to note patterns and changes. Some medications or drugs, such as marijuana, will make the growth of breast tissue more common in males, and this can often be more on one side than on the other. Breast cancer or other cancerous growths are very rare in young, otherwise healthy males, but they can occur. The best answer is to always speak with your primary care doctor if you have any concerns at all. An especially concerning finding would be if you feel that the side of your chest that is larger has some associated pain or tenderness, or if you feel that you have been more tired lately or have had significant weight loss (more than just a few pounds). Regardless of your other symptoms, please speak with your doctor if you are noticing any growth or new asymmetry of your body.

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