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"Why won't my bruise go away?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy won't my bruise go away?


I hit my shin really hard and got a pretty bad bruise. It has been three weeks though and it still there. It is now a bright yellow color instead of black and blue. Is this normal or is something wrong with my shin bone?


First of all, I am sorry to hear that you sustained such a nasty blow to the shin. These can be very painful, and I am glad to hear that the areas is slowly healing and, at least, not painful at this time. When you have a blow to an area of the body such as the shin, it is common for small blood vessels under the skin to break, and this leads to the formation of a bruise, which is basically just blood leaking out of the blood vessels into the surrounding tissue. After the bruise forms, the body's natural healing mechanisms will begin to digest away this blood. As the blood is digested, it is very common for it to change in color. First the bruise will tend to be blue or black; however, as the blood is digested, the bruise may change to a yellowish or greenish color. Eventually the bruise will go away, but as you have noticed this process sometimes may take several weeks to occur. I suggest that you have your primary care doctor look at the bruise, especially if you are worried about it or if there is residual pain. They can make sure that healing is proceeding as it should!

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