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"Is there any way to eliminate my foot odor?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way to eliminate my foot odor?


My foot odor has gotten bad in the last year or so and now it is getting embarrassing. How can I make it go away or is it just something that I will have to live with?


Foot odor, and any kind of body odor, has more to do with the bacteria that are present on your skin than it does with any intrinsic quality of the sweat or your body itself--in most cases. The obvious exceptions include when food that you take in is very pungent, such as with garlic or onions. It stands to reason that there are things that can be done about your foot odor that include decreasing the bacterial burden of your skin. Often, people have already attempted to wash and clean their feet at least once, if not twice, daily (if you have not been washing your feet very well at least every morning, that would be the best place to start). For these people who continue to complain of odor, the next step may actually be centered on their shoes or their socks. Often, washing machines are unable to fully remove the bacteria if the feet are always moist, and the socks and shoes actually need to be replaced regularly. Recurrently moist feet can be either due to work conditions or to excessing sweating. If you find that your feet are sweating too much, I suggest that you see your doctor about this.

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