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"How do you get rid of stubborn fat?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you get rid of stubborn fat?


I have fat in my legs and rear end that I just can't seem to lose. I have lost a lot of weight and look good in other places, but the fat in my legs and rear end is just stubborn and won't go away. What can I do to get rid of this extra fat?


First of all, congratulations on already losing a lot of weight! Maintaining a healthy weight is an important lifestyle step which will reduce your risk of developing medical problems like heart disease and diabetes later in life. Unfortunately, where we store fat tends to be very dependent on our individual genetics. Some people tend to store fat in their hips and in their buttocks, and often this is the last part of the body to be affected by weight loss. There is no simple solution to this problem, other than continued healthy eating and regular exercise. However, if you continue to maintain a healthy diet, and if you continue to perform aerobic exercise on a daily basis you should continue to see improvements. Also, some people find that performing toning exercises specifically of the muscles in the hips and buttocks can help improve the overall appearance of fat deposits. I would suggest that you see your primary care doctor about this issue. They will be able to give you recommendations as to how to continue with your diet and exercise plan. Additionally, they may recommend that you have a visit with a nutritionist to develop a long-term healthy eating plan. Good luck!

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