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"Why do I have a lump under my chin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have a lump under my chin?


In my neck underneath my chin, in the part that's under my mouth, there is a little lump that is soft. Is this nothing to worry about or could it be something that I have to have taken out?


Any lump in any part of your body is something that should be discussed with your doctor unless it goes away almost immediately. While they are usually due to something simple that can be readily explained, they can also be a sign of something more serious, which is why you need to see your doctor so that he or she can examine it and determine if there is something more that needs to be done. Often, lumps are associated with local infections or viral illnesses, which cause some increase in the size of the lymph nodes in your body as it tries to fight the infection. These are sometimes tender, and will go away quickly by themselves. Other times, they can be signs of more serious problems, as when they are associated with fevers, chills, weight loss, fatigue, or other concerning symptoms. Your age and risk profile also affect your doctor's final evaluation of what this may mean, as people who have smoked all their life will have different risks than others of some kinds of head and neck cancers. Please speak with your doctor about the lump, so that he or she can calm your fears or suggest further therapy.

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