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"Why is there blood in my urine?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is there blood in my urine?


I am about to have my period and there is some blood in my urine. Never had that happen before so I'm kind of worried. Is this a normal thing to happen before I start my period or should I have it looked at?


Blood in the urine (hematuria) can be caused by a variety of conditions. One of the more common causes is a urinary tract infection, often associated with the presence of burning with urination and/or lower abdominal (bladder) pains. Kidney stones can also cause hematuria, through irritation of the lining of the kidney or the ureters (which connect the kidneys to the bladder). Stones are usually associated with sharp pains that may radiate to the back or down to the groin. Less common causes include inflammation of the kidney cells (glomerulonephritis) causing leakage of red blood cells into the urine, and cancers of the kidney and bladder. Another cause to consider is in the instance of a menstruating woman, in which the urine may appear red as a result of contamination with uterine bleeding; even only a few drops of blood can make a large volume of urine appear red. If you are concerned that you are experiencing hematuria, then you should seek out consultation from your primary care doctor. A thorough medical history and exam can be performed, and further evaluation with urine testing and (if indicated) blood testing can be done to determine a diagnosis.

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