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"Why is my throat sore in the morning?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my throat sore in the morning?


My throat is sore, but only in the mornings. It goes away after being awake for a few hours. Is it something I'm doing while I'm sleeping or is it like stomach acid coming up during the night?


You have quite likely hit the nail on the head! Gastric reflux disease is very common, and is especially prevalent in those that are overweight, eat right before bed, consume large amounts of caffeine, or are pregnant. These people will have sore throats in the morning, with a bitter taste in their mouths on awakening, and will often also have some hoarseness. As the day goes on and the mucous starts to coat the back of the throat again (without the acid to burn it away), things tend to improve and the symptoms go away. While this is one potential cause, post nasal drip can also cause some of the exact same symptoms. These people will usually also complain of a runny nose, however. Speaking with your doctor about your problem is a first step towards getting the appropriate treatment. He or she may refer you to an ear-nose-and throat surgeon to examine your head and neck fully, or may begin a trial of an antacid immediately. These do often take some time to work, so don't give up if things persist for a week or two. Please speak to your doctor about your problem and the treatment options.

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