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"What happens if I don't get a bee's stinger out of my arm?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat happens if I don't get a bee's stinger out of my arm?


Got stung by a bee and I don't know if I got the stinger out all the way. What will happen to my skin if I don't get it out? This was a couple days ago and I'm starting to see signs of an infection, but maybe just because I've been picking at it.


Bee stings are very common, and can cause serious reactions to a minority of people who happen to be allergic to their venom. Removing the stinger as quickly as possible helps to decrease the amount of venom that is released, and also helps to remove a foreign body from your body that contains bacteria and is a focus of inflammation as your body tries to remove it. The redness and irritation can be from several causes. It is possible that your picking at it is the cause and explanation of all of your problem. It is also possible that the redness is just the reaction from having been stung. It is also possible that the puncture in your skin allowed a small amount of your normal bodily bacteria (which we all have) to penetrate the skin and cause a local reaction. Finally, it could be a sign that there is still a stinger in there and that the inflammation is a sign of your body trying to remove it. Washing it will soap and water, and then using an antibacterial cream or ointment may offer some relief. To be on the safe side, please speak with your doctor.

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