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"Could constipation cause my back pain?"

ZocdocAnswersCould constipation cause my back pain?


I get constipated pretty often and now I have some pain in the lower part of my back. Could whatever is wrong with my stomach be causing my back pain? Can they be related?


Whenever you have new physical symptoms that persist and disrupt your daily routine, the best thing to do is see your primary care physician for a more detailed history and physical exam. Hopefully your constipation can be easily treated and your lower back pain will turn out to be a simple muscle strain, but it is important for a physician who knows you to put your new symptoms in the context of your prior health history and current exam. Depending upon your age and associated symptoms, you may be at risk for more serious health problems. Irritable bowel disease and even colon cancer can cause constipation and lower back pain. However, your physician will be able to talk with you about the details of your new symptoms as well as anything else you may have noticed (weight loss, intermittent diarrhea, blood in your stool) to help determine the best thing to do next. Constipation that goes on for an extended period of time can be very, very uncomfortable. If there is no underlying cause for the constipation, people often feel substantially better when on a bowel regimen to promote regular bowel movements. However, before simply starting laxatives, it is important to speak with a physician to make sure that all of your symptoms and overall health are being managed appropriately.

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