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"What makes a person's nose bleed?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat makes a person's nose bleed?


I'm 24 and got the first nosebleed of my life two days ago. Why did my nose start bleeding? Haven't had any trouble since but I don't want to keep getting nosebleeds because it makes me nervous about my health.


Nose bleeds are very common. The most common cause of them, in young, otherwise healthy, people, is trauma. This will often occur in the middle of the night, and people will wake up not knowing why their nose is bleeding. This is usually due to some trauma while people were sleeping, whether it be rolling over, hitting it with your hand, or even picking at your nose while you are asleep. Most often, these bleeds will start in the very front of your nose, and can be controlled by squeezing the soft part of your nose for 20 minutes without releasing. If you start to have them more frequently, there can often be a small blood vessel that is superficial and is the cause of the problem, which can easily be cauterized by your doctor and often lead to resolution of the problem. This would usually only be needed if the nosebleeds recur, however. If you are on aspirin or other blood thinners (even ibuprofen), this can make you more likely to get nose bleeds. If your problem persists, please speak with your doctor to determine what is causing your nose to bleed.

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