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"What is this lump in my eyebrow?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this lump in my eyebrow?


There is a protrusion or lump in my eyebrow. It is on the right side and it is hard and sometimes hurts too. Is it just something in my sinuses or is it some kind of growth?


Any growth in your skin or other parts of your body should be evaluated by a physician, especially if it is new, changing, painful, or you are having other symptoms. Given the location on your eye brow, it is less likely to represent something from your paranasal sinuses. More likely is something that is unique to the brow itself, such as a stye. These are bright red, painful, and sometimes itchy infections of the minor glands of your eyelid. Usually, they go away with time and moist, warm compresses. Some people will have them persist, however, and will require further therapy as these slowly "burn out" and turn into harder, less inflamed but still present, masses of the eye lid. Your doctor will be able to determine what exactly is occurring and make appropriate recommendations. While it is less likely, he or she may recommend removing a small piece of the bump to see if there is anything else that is causing the area to be inflamed. In these situations, being able to actually see the mass is invaluable, and so you should meet with your doctor soon to have it fully evaluated and begin treating it appropriately.

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