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"What does it mean if there is redness around the colored part of my eye?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if there is redness around the colored part of my eye?


There is no pain, but definitely some redness in my eye. It is around the colored part and goes around it on both eyes. What is this? Do I have some sort of an eye disease or what? My vision is fine.


Any persistent eye symptoms, such as redness or pain, should be investigated by an eye doctor or your primary care doctor as soon as possible. If the symptoms worsen, or if there is any change in your vision, then these might be signs of a very serious eye problem requiring immediate emergency evaluation. One of the most common causes of eye redness is irritation of the surface of the eyes. This can occur from exposure to dust and other particles in the air, can be associated with allergies to mold or other allergens, or it can be associated with an infection of the eyes. Less common, but usually more serious, are inflammatory conditions deeper in the structures of the eye, called iritis, or a rise in pressure within the eye itself, known as glaucoma. Your eye doctor will be able to examine your eyes and determine whether you might have one of these conditions; if so, they can suggest appropriate treatments. I suggest that you make an appointment to see your doctor at your earliest convenience and, if the redness spreads or if your vision becomes blurry, that you seek emergency help. You should also avoid wearing contact lenses until you are evaluated, because persistent use of these can make both irritation and infection of the eye surface much worse.

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