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"Is my skin supposed to be pink?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my skin supposed to be pink?


I got an abrasion on my arm and it is healing. The scab came off but where the abrasion was my skin is still pink like a week and a half later. Is this normal or is it not healing right? Can I put something on it that would help the skin heal?


When the body suffers from an injury, there is complex healing process that begins almost immediately. The first step is the leaking of blood and other tissue fluid into the wounded area. This is quickly followed by ingrowth of new tissue into the area. The leaked fluid and blood forms a clot and scab over the top of this ingrowing tissue, which provides some additional protection. When the scab finally comes off, the underlying, new, tissue is often more red than the surrounding area. This is because of the increased blood supply that is needed in order to stimulate and supply the energy demanding process of tissue re-growth. As this process continues, skin from the surrounding or deeper areas gradually grows in and the final product of the wound is to look almost the exact same as the original to the casual observer. Depending on the depth of the original wound and the location of the wound, this process is usually sufficient and does not require any further therapy to optimize the outcome. Sunscreen may help to avoid discoloration of the final scar, if there even is a scar. Please speak to your doctor to ensure appropriate healing.

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