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"Does a sinus infection make your face hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes a sinus infection make your face hurt?


I have pain in my face under my eyes and in my forehead. Does that mean I have a sinus infection? I haven't noticed my nose running or stuffy nose so I don't know if it is a sinus problem or not...


I recommend that you go to see your primary care doctor about this problem! There are several potential causes of the pain that you have in you face and in your forehead. Your doctor will be able to perform a complete physical examination and help figure out what is going on! Sinus congestion is certainly a possibility, as you suggest. When the sinuses become congested, this leads to a feeling of pressure in the forehead and in the cheekbones. There also may be a 'swishing' sensation in the head when you bend forward. Usually, there is cough, nasal stuffiness, or nasal mucus, although sinus congestion can occur in the absence of these. Another problem which needs to be ruled out, especially given the complaint of pain in the cheekbones, is a tooth infection or a tooth cavity. Problems with the teeth are very common causes of referred facial pain in the cheekbones. Your doctor (or your dentist) can take a good look at your teeth to make sure this is not what is going on. Start by setting up a visit with your primary care doctor today! They will be able to formally diagnose the problem and also start you an an effective treatment to relieve the symptoms!

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