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"Why do I have pain in my buttocks?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have pain in my buttocks?


Both of my buttocks are sore. I can't understand why this would happen. Is there some kind of condition that causes a person's buttocks and those muscles to become sore? This has gone on for months now.


It is interesting that your soreness is isolated to just your buttocks, and that it has persisted for so long. For the most part, myalgias (which is the word doctors use to describe muscle aches), resolve quickly and are usually caused by either overuse or a systemic infection. The fact that your aches have been going on for months is a reason for you to speak with your doctor about the possible causes. If you have had other symptoms, such as weight loss, fevers, chills, pain with ambulation, or fatigue, you should speak with your doctor even more quickly, as these can be concerning signs. In general, most of the simple problems that we have will go away with time. Even very simple things, such as this, that persist for more than a short amount of time or get worse are good reasons to speak with your doctor, however, as they could indicate muscle, vascular, or immune difficulties. He or she may choose to order some lab work, depending on your history and what he or she observes on physical examination. Please speak to your doctor to make sure that you are properly and quickly evaluated so that you can begin to feel better sooner.

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