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"Should I be worried about blurry vision?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I be worried about blurry vision?


After using the computer or watching TV for a long time, I will have blurry vision for like 10 minutes afterward. Is this normal or is something wrong with my eyes?


You are very much correct that blurry vision is not a normal thing! It sounds like you should be seen by an opthalmologist who can perform a more detailed exam of your eyes to make sure that there are not underlying problems. If you already wear glasses or contacts, this may mean that your prescription needs to be adjusted. However, the most important thing about blurry vision is the context in which it occurs. If associated with a severe headache, vision loss, or any kind of focal neurological deficit (ie weakness, numbness or tingling, slurred speech), it may represent a medical emergency for which you should seek immediate medical attention in the emergency department. In the setting of a prolonged period of staring at a computer screen, television, or projector screen, it is less alarming. You should still be seen by an eye doctor for an eye evaluation, but this kind of vision change most likely represents the eye strain of your eyes adjusting from staring at the screen to more normal light. If you don't wear glasses now, your eye doctor may want to prescribe something for computer work. In addition, you may need to limit the length of time you spend working on the computer at one period of time without taking a break for your eyes.

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