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"Is a diagnois of a shadow on my liver CatScan a problem?"


I have pain, indigestion, get really tired but wake up with pain and discomfort around my stomach. Can it be gallbladder?


This is a difficult question to answer specifically without having more details about the technical information in the CT scan. I say this because, most of the time with a CT scan, the term 'shadow' is not used in the technical report. In other words, I suspect that your doctor told you that this was a 'shadow' because they were trying to explain the report in simple terms, but it is hard for me to guess exactly what they meant to communicate to you.

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Nevertheless, it is likely that some abnormality was found in the liver on the CT scan, based on what you are saying. This could be a tumor, a cyst, or several other possibilities. It could be a benign finding, or it could be a serious finding, but you will need to go back to the doctor who ordered the CT scan to get a better sense of this. Ideally, in a visit to the doctor who requested the CT scan, they will be able to explain to you exactly why they ordered the CT scan, what abnormality was found on the CT scan, how they think that abnormality might relate to your symptoms, and what the next steps are in diagnosis or treatment.

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