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"What should I use to cover my ringworm?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I use to cover my ringworm?


I have ringworm on my thigh and it is getting irritated by my pants throughout the day. How should I cover it? I put cream on it, but what on top of that? Gauze? A band-aid? Had this for a while and it's not going away.


If you have had this skin problem for a while and it is not going away, then the first and most important step would be to go see your doctor about the issue. You could see either your primary care doctor or a dermatologist. In particular, if you have not been formally diagnosed with ringworm, it would be important to get a formal diagnosis. Ringworm on the body is usually easy to treat, and it should go away with a typical over the counter anti fungal cream. Therefore, if you have been treating this on your own, and it is not going away, it will be important to have your doctor consider other alternatives, such as eczema or psoriasis, which can sometimes look very similar to ringworm. This is important because the treatment for ringworm versus eczema or psoriasis are very different. Your doctor will be able to help you. If this is in fact ringworm, they may prescribe a stronger anti fungal cream or, in the most severe cases, even an oral anti fungal medication. On the other hand, if this is something like eczema or psoriasis, you will need a strong steroid cream to get things cleared up.

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