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"is there a vaccine for Lyme disease?"

ZocdocAnswersis there a vaccine for Lyme disease?


There are a lot of deer ticks in my area and I do not want to get Lyme disease! Are there any vaccines available for Lyme disease? I think they have it for animals but I don't know if they do for humans.


Some years ago, there was a vaccine for Lyme disease that was available. However, it dd not cause lasting protection from the disease, and the vaccine was discontinued due to general lack of demand for the vaccine. Nevertheless, there are plenty of things you can do to protect yourself from getting Lyme disease. First of all, when you are outdoors, especially when you are walking through the woods or through tall grass, you should wear protective clothing to prevent coming into contact with ticks. Also when you return indoors, you should thoroughly check yourself over, paying attention to areas like the waist line, groin, armpits, and sock line, where ticks tend to end up. If you do find a tick, you should seek attention from your primary care doctor. If you do develop any evidence of early Lyme disease, such as a red spreading ring around the site of the tick bite, you will need to take antibiotics to clear up the infection. Fortunately, when the infection is caught early, it is very easy to treat with these antibiotics and there are no lasting effects. Please talk to your doctor for more information!

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