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"Does what you eat affect your complexion?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes what you eat affect your complexion?


I have a bad complexion with pimples and oily skin. I've heard many times that food doesn't make a difference but I've also seen studies that say gluten and bread are associated with acne. Which answer is true?


I am sorry to hear that you have such trouble with acne. Oily skin certainly can contribute to acne, because it can lead to the collection of pore-clogging debris on the surface of the skin. It is basically a total myth that food can increase the oiliness of the skin and lead to worse acne. Although gluten - containing diets can lead to certain rashes and skin problems in people who have celiac disease, this does not hold true for the vast majority of people with acne who do not suffer from celiac disease. Therefore, I would encourage you to look elsewhere other than diet for strategies to control your acne. The first step might be to talk to your primary care doctor. Since acne is a very common problem, they are often very skilled at dealing with it. They can recommend a series of facial cleansing regimens to keep your pores clean and un-clogged. In some circumstances, it is also necessary to use an acne-specific medication, such as benzoyl peroxide. More severe cases of acne that do not respond to these first steps should be managed by a dermatologist, and your primary care doctor can also help hook you up with one.

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