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"Did my sarcoidosis cause interstitial prominence?"

ZocdocAnswersDid my sarcoidosis cause interstitial prominence?


My doc says that a chest x-ray I had done shows interstitial prominence. I have sarcoidosis. Are they related? Did the sarcoidosis cause the interstitial prominence?


Sarcoidosis as you probably know is a chronic medical problem that is characterized by collections of activated inflammatory cells throughout the body.Because these inflammatory cells can be found in almost any organ in the body, the symptoms of sarcoidosis are quite variable and depend a lot on which organs are involved. Nevertheless, one of the most common places for sarcoidosis to occur is in the lungs. After time, if the condition is not controlled, the inflammation in the lungs can lead to gradual scarring of the tissue between the air sacs in the lungs. In the early stages of this, even before symptoms develop, this could start to show up as interstitial prominence on a chest x-ray, as in your case. Therefore, I think it is highly likely that your chest x-ray findings are related to your sarcoidosis. I highly recommend that you follow up closely with your primary care doctor, rheumatologist, or whoever else is treating your sarcoidosis, to discuss these findings on this recent chest x-ray. If the condition continues to progress, you could have worsening scarring in the lungs, which could lead to serious problems with your ability to breath comfortable and exercise.

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