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"How can I get my gas problem under control?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I get my gas problem under control?


I have really bad gas on almost a daily basis. I don't know what to do. Tried over the counter stuff and it doesn't help. What should I do?


Gas in the intestinal tract tends to come from one of two places. First, it can be produced by the digestion of food in your intestines by bacteria living there. The best approach to dealing with this possibility is to pay really close attention to the types of foods that you are eating for a few weeks and determine whether or not there is an association between your gas symptoms and any particular food. If there is, then you simply need to cut down or eliminate that food, and the symptoms should resolve. You should also avoid all carbonated beverages, as these produce gas in the intestines. The second common source of gas in the intestines is swallowed air. We all swallow air when we talk or eat, but the amount we swallow can be influenced by a few behaviors. First, chewing and eating very slowly is important, as the faster you eat the more air you will swallow. If you chew gum, you may want to discontinue that, as that is another common cause of increased swallowed air. Finally, you should see your primary care doctor to make sure that there is not a more serious medical problem that needs to be treated and also to get more help with figuring out how to reduce your symptoms of gas and bloating.

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