ZocdocAnswersWhat causes infertility in men?


What causes infertility in men?

My wife and I are trying to get pregnant but it just isn't working. I'm starting to think that maybe I have an infertility thing. What would cause this? How can I find out if I have infertility?


I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with this. A couple who is having regular sexual intercourse should most of the time be able to conceive within 12 months of starting to try (only 6 months if the female partner is over 35 years of age). If you have not been trying this long yet, then you would not yet meet a definition of infertility and probably should just keep trying! However, if you have been trying for this long and still have not had suggest, then I would strongly suggest going to see a doctor about the issue. Issues of male infertility are often managed by either a primary care doctor or a urologist, whereas issues of female infertility are often managed by an OB GYN doctor. However, probably the best solution is to make an appointment together at a fertility center, which will be equipped to evaluate you as a couple for both male and female causes of infertility. From the standpoint of looking for male infertility, the first step will be to perform a semen analysis, which can help determine whether your sperm function and number is normal. Good luck!

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