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"What should I do if one of my moles hurts?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if one of my moles hurts?


A mole on the back of my neck has started to hurt and be sensitive. It looks the same though. What should I do? Should I be worried about the mole?


I am sorry to hear that the mole is giving you some trouble. I would suggest that you have it checked out by your primary care doctor or by your dermatologist, just to make sure that there is nothing serious going on. Most of the time, moles may feel sensitive if they are bumped or are rubbing against clothing. You can protect the mole and give it a chance to heal by covering it with a bandage. However, the fact that it is suddenly starting to feel sensitive may be a clue that it is growing in size, which is something that definitely needs to be evaluated. Moles have a small chance of turning into a serious type of skin cancer known as melanoma. In addition to a sudden change in size of the mole, other features of a mole that would be concerning would include irregular borders or asymmetry of the mole (rather than having a circular shape) or a change in the coloration, especially if multiple colors or a darker area within the larger mole becomes apparent. Your doctor can look at the mole and determine whether a biopsy is need to rule out cancer, so please make an appointment today.

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