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"Why is my vision so blurry?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my vision so blurry?


Lately I've been having times of blurry vision. Lasts like 20 minutes or so but it makes me nervous. Should I see the eye doctor? I don't have any other vision problems so I don't have an eye doctor.


You absolutely must see your eye doctor about this. They will be able to examine your eyes to make sure that this blurry vision is not from a serious problem that needs immediate treatment. By far the most common cause of blurry vision in someone who is otherwise healthy is eye strain or fatigue. This leads to intermittent blurry vision, usually mostly in the evenings or late afternoons after a long day of hard work involving the eyes, such as staring at a computer screen. Many people with recurrent eye strain or fatigue actually end up having an undiagnosed problem with nearsighted vision, and once they begin to wear glasses or contacts, the problem goes away. In addition to this common problem, there are other medical problems that can cause blurry vision. For example, migraine headaches very commonly are associated with flashing lights in front of the eyes and other visual disturbance which might be confused with blurry vision. Furthermore, there are several serious eye problems that your doctor will look for. For example, an infection or injury to the surface of the eye may cause blurry vision (usually with pain). Also a buildup in pressure inside the eye, called glaucoma, can cause blurry vision. See your eye doctor right away!

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