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What's wrong with my stomach?

Out of nowhere I've been getting sharp pains in my stomach and then I feel really tired directly afterward. What is going on? I am really nervous about what is going wrong with my stomach because I have never had any serious health problems before.
Stomach pains can have a wide range of sources. Most often, they are simple things, such as gas pains, which can be readily explained and you can feel comforted by going to a doctor. There are other times, however, when they can be a sign of something more serious that may need treatment. Things that make it more likely to be something real are things that persist over a long period of time, seem to be increasing in frequency (coming more often) or intensity (such as increased pain). When there are other symptoms as well, such as fatigue, weight loss, night sweats, or other problems, it becomes imperative that you speak to your physician in a timely manner. What you are describing could stem from many different sources, unfortunately, but your doctor should be able to help you. It is important to know if the pain happens right after eating, or if the pain happens before eating, or if the pain is not related to eating at all. This would indicate whether or not there is any association with digestion. Also important would be the part of your stomach that is painful, as that often indicates what the cause is. Please speak with your doctor soon.
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