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"Why is my toe still swollen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my toe still swollen?


I broke my toe a month ago, it was my pinky toe. It doesn't hurt anymore but it is still bigger than the other pinky toe. Why? Did I maybe tear a ligament or something?


I am sorry to hear that you broke your toe! This can be quite painful but fortunately, in your case, at least the pain seems to be going away, which is a good sign. Many times, after breaking a small bone in the foot like a toe, the swelling can last for a very long time. In fact, it is common to still have swelling for weeks or months; in part this is because the constant weight of your body pressing on the area delays healing longer than you might experience in a different part of the body. Nevertheless, I do think that it is worthwhile that you go back to see your doctor about the issue. I would go see your primary care doctor, unless you have already had a visit with a specialist like an orthopedic doctor, in which case you should see them instead. Your doctor can make sure that healing is proceeding as expected. If there are any concerns, they may want to repeat an x-ray of the foot or perform additional examinations. They also may recommend taking anti inflammatory medications more regularly to help reduce the inflammation and swelling more quickly. Good luck!

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