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"If you have a jammed finger does that mean that it is broken?"

ZocdocAnswersIf you have a jammed finger does that mean that it is broken?


I jammed my finger. Does that mean that it is broken? It is black and blue and swollen too. Do I have to have it set or something?


It is difficult to accurately diagnose a fractured finger without medical examination and imaging such as an x-ray. Therefore, it is best that you schedule a visit with a doctor and get it checked out. This is especially important if it is swollen and is black and blue to get x-ray to see for sure if your finger is broken or just sprained. In general, broken fingers rarely go unnoticed. You usually have immediate pain after trauma and sometimes there is a deformed finger either at a joint or through the bone. If there is no deformity, a sharp or dull pain is specifically felt at the injury site. Usually within the next 5-10 minutes, the swelling and redness of the finger is noticeable, and then it becomes very swollen and stiff that it is usually very painful and difficult or completely unable to move. Intensely radiating pain on the bone is often felt. Bruising from released blood may be seen if the fracture is severe and numbness of the finger may occur. I would suggest that you visit a doctor or a hospital's emergency department as soon, especially if you have all the warning signs of a fracture at this point. Delayed treatment can impede proper healing and can even increase your risk of later developing arthritis or other major problems. Good luck.

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