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"Why are my allergies so bad?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are my allergies so bad?


I'm 28 years old and never had trouble with allergies in my life. Why are they so bad all of the sudden? I rinse my sinuses out but it just makes it worse. My nose gets even itchier. Why?


There are a couple different reasons why your allergies may be acting up. First, it is possible that you have developed an allergy to a new substance that your aren't aware of. This is probably the least likely possibility. The second possibility is that your reaction to an allergen that you have always been allergic to is now more severe. Our immune systems do evolve over time which could explain this. The most likely possibility is that you are now being exposed to an allergen that you weren't previously. If you recently moved to a new location or if you recently got a new pet, these are the most likely culprits. New plants are also possibility. If you recently starting dating a new person, then a different laundry detergent could be the cause. What you need is allergy testing. This is where an allergist tests you for a reaction to many different types of allergens. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with an allergist today. He or she will take a thorough history and begin treatment with anti-allergen medications (such as anti-histamines medications). You can also schedule allergy testing so you can figure out what you are allergic to and try to limit your exposure.

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