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"Is there any cure for hepatitis C?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any cure for hepatitis C?


I am a recovering drug addict and I contracted hepatitis C somewhere along the way. Is there any cure for it? How could I spread it to someone else?


Unfortunately, there is no cure for hepatitis C. With that said, there are treatments and not everyone that gets hepatitis C ends up getting all the bad complications. About 50% of people that contract hepatitis C will actually clear the virus. This means that the immune system will kill all the viral particles and the patient will cease to have the infection. This usually occurs in people shortly after infection and if you just learned that you have it, you may be out of the window in terms of getting rid of the virus permanently. The good news is that even if your immune system doesn't clear it, the treatments available and those that are in development are much better and promise to help people get into remission. The answer to your second question (how you spread it) is quite straight forward. Most people contract hepatitis C through exposure to blood or bloody fluids. This is almost always in the setting of sharing needles for drug use. It can also be passed along sexually, though this is much less common. It cannot be passed through kissing or causal contact. The best physician for you to see about your hepatitis C is a gastroenterologist. I suggest that you schedule an appointment today. Good luck.

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