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"Why am I getting internal hordeolum in my eyelid?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I getting internal hordeolum in my eyelid?


I have had internal hordeolum in my right eye twice in the last year. Why does this keep happening. I got rid of it okay the first time around but now it is back and it is worse. How can I prevent this from happening?


I am sorry to hear that this keeps happening to you! A hordeolum can be a very painful condition, and you should definitely see your primary care doctor for help managing this. As you probably known, a hordeolum is an infection in one of the glands inside the eyelid. They are fairly common , and they present as red, warm, and painful swelling inside the eyelid. Sometimes there can be drainage of pus from the gland as an abscess forms. Although most of the time a hordeolum can be treated quite easily with warm compresses and some topical antibiotics, it is always worth having the area examined by your primary care doctor, because the more severe cases of hordeolum should be treated instead with oral antibiotics to help clear things up more quickly. Also, with your primary care doctor, you can discuss why you keep getting a recurrent hordeolum and what should be done about that. It is likely that, since this is your third time, you have some underlying abnormality in the involved gland, and the infection may keep returning. For this reason, your primary care doctor may want to refer you to a surgeon to consider opening up and draining the gland more definitively.

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