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"How is hypoxia treated?"

ZocdocAnswersHow is hypoxia treated?


I got some preliminary testing done before I start allergy shots and the guy doing it said I might have hypoxia. How is this treated? What should I tell my regular doctor?


I would definitely make an appointment with your primary care regular doctor to discuss this issue. It sounds like that you heard was sort of casual and not in the context of a regular medical visit, so I wouldn't pay too much attention to it until you have had time to talk to your doctor. That being said, hypoxia means 'low oxygen' and therefore, if you do have it, that would be a potentially very serious problem, so you shouldn't put off talking with your primary care doctor. It is hard for me to speculate as to what the person you were talking with might have been referring to, since I don't know what type of test you had done. Typically, hypoxia or low oxygen levels are measured by placing a probe on the finger tip and looking at something called the oxygen saturation, which measures how much oxygen is in the blood. Similarly, sometimes hypoxia can show up chronically when blood counts are checked as an artificially high hemoglobin level. Start by calling your doctor's office and setting up a visit to discuss your lab results. They will go through everything carefully and interpret them for you.

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