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"Can stress cause your blood sugar to be elevated?"


My blood sugar won't go down even though I am doing everything I normally do. Maybe I am too stressed out though. Can stress make your blood sugar levels higher?


Although you don't explicitly say it in the question, it sounds like you are probably diabetic and are trying to control your blood sugar in that context. Stress hormones can indeed cause the blood sugar to go up, and this is commonly a probably for diabetics when they get sick, especially type 1 diabetics. However, the amount of 'stress' required to raise the blood sugar levels is usually only produced by illness.

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Normal stress, such as from being busy at work, is typically not significant enough to raise the blood sugar. Therefore, I suggest that you go to see either your primary care doctor or whichever doctor is helping you managing your diabetes. It is important to get your blood sugar under control before it continues to rise and becomes a serious problem. Your doctor will work with you to adjust your insulin or medication regimen to get your blood sugar down and they will also work with you to figure out what the trigger of the high sugars was and, if needed, treat it. If you cannot get in to see your doctor right away and if you have severe symptoms, such as headache, blurry vision, or dehydration you should go to the emergency room for treatment.

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