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"How did I get a wart?"

ZocdocAnswersHow did I get a wart?


I have a bunch of warts on my finger. What caused it? How do people get warts? Do they just go from person to person or what?


Warts are very common infections of the skin caused by a virus. The virus invades the skin and causes the skin cells to replicate and build up, creating the wart. The viruses that cause warts are spread from person to person - mostly commonly by coming into contact with towels, clothing, or other surfaces contaminated by the virus. Similarly, the virus is shed from the wart and so it can spread to other parts of the skin (as in your case, you have multiple warts on the finger). Fortunately, warts rarely represent a serious medical problem. Most of the time, the body's own immune system will eventually recognize the virus and begin to fight it off, resulting in resolution of the warts - although this process may take weeks to months. The best strategy for dealing with your warts would be to go see your primary care doctor or a dermatologist. They will be able to examine the area of skin that is involved and suggest potential treatments to you. Commonly, warts can be 'frozen' off in the office in a procedure that is very quick and not very painful. There are also multiple topical medications that can be applied to the warts to help them go away more quickly.

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