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"How do I get my foot back to normal?"


I sprained my ankle and as a result the front of my foot went flat on the bottom. How do I get my foot back to normal now?


If you have not seen your primary care doctor about this sprain yet, I would start there. Sprains can be very complicated, and most of the time they should be managed by your doctor. Sprains of the ankle, as you probably know, occur when the ligaments that hold the bones of the ankle joint together become torn or severely stretched.

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This leads to weakness, pain, and swelling. Since the ligaments of the ankle heal slowly, it is very common to have symptoms for weeks to months after a bad sprain. I am concerned by the fact that you say your foot 'went flat' which suggest to me that the damage from the sprain may have been more extensive than first thought, or that other bones or ligaments in the foot other than the ankle were involved. Your primary care doctor can take a look at the ankle and foot and make an objective assessment. Based on what they find, they may want to get additional testing, such as x-rays or an MRI of the ankle and foot. Also, if there is evidence of persistent damage, they will probably refer you to see an orthopedic specialist to see what needs to be done next.

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