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"What does it mean if I have double vision?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if I have double vision?


This is going to sound a little strange, but every so often I just have double vision. It will go away if I sort of shake my head and blink a lot. Worried though. Why am I getting double vision?


You definitely need to have this symptom checked out by your doctor. I would recommend that you go see your primary care doctor or your eye doctor as soon as possible. Many times, in otherwise healthy people, occasional double vision that goes away right away can just be a sign of eye strain or eye fatigue, most often from working intensely at a computer screen or other similar work. However, even in cases of simple eye strain, it turns out that may people who com pain of eye strain are actually nearsighted and need to have their eyes examined and beginning wearing glasses or contacts for corrective vision. Also there are many other more serious problems that can cause double vision. These include serious neurological problems, like brain tumors, seizures, or multiple sclerosis, and more common neurological problems, like migraine. There are also various eye conditions that might cause double vision, including a buildup of pressure inside the eye, called glaucoma. Start by getting in to see your doctor right away. They will perform a thorough physical examination and, if there is any evidence of a serious problem, they will recommend what additional testing you will need to reach a diagnosis.

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