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"I have lumps under the skin in my lower (right) abdomen - why?"

ZocdocAnswersI have lumps under the skin in my lower (right) abdomen - why?


The lumps are hard but do not hurt when I touch them. I don't know if maybe it's just my intenstines, or maybe large veins. Or something serious like tumors or calcium deposits, if that's even possible. I always have lower back pain and I do have cysts on my right ovary, so a co-worker suggested it could be that.


If the lumps are right under the skin of for abdomen, which it sounds like they are, then they are unlikely related to your intestines, ovaries, or any other organs, as these are located much deeper inside. I would suggest that you start by seeing your primary care doctor, who will be able to examine the lumps and help you figure out what they might be. If the lumps are movable under the skin and not painful, then the most likely possibility is that they are cysts. Cysts are small growths under the skin that are usually benign and do not typically cause any problems. However, sometimes cysts can grow quite large, at which point the can be painful and may need to be removed. Your doctor can help you figure out if these are cysts and, if so, whether they need to be removed. Another possibility is that these are lipomas, which are also growths located under the skin, but composed of groups of fat cells. Lipomas tend to be slightly softer in texture than cysts but, just like cysts, they are benign and do not require intervention unless they become large or uncomfortable. Go see your primary care doctor when you can, as they will be able to make the diagnosis for you!

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