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"Is the lump in my shin a cyst?"

ZocdocAnswersIs the lump in my shin a cyst?


In my right shin there is a little bump that is like a marble under the skin. It is red around the bump and it moves a little if I touch it. Is this a cyst? Or is it something growing on my bone? What is this thing?


I definitely recommend that you show this bump to a doctor for advice. You could probably start with your primary care doctor, or see a dermatologist if you have one. There are a few potential causes. The most likely is that this is a cyst. Cysts can occur anywhere on the body under the skin, and they are usually benign. The fact that the skin over the bump is a little red is somewhat concerning for an infection in the skin, although sometimes a bump can be red just because the skin is irritated from rubbing against clothing. The first thing your doctor will be able to do is rule out that there is a skin infection. If they do think that there is an infection, they may want to give you some antibiotics to get it under control. On the other hand, if this is just a cyst with some overlying irritation, they may just advise you to watch the area and see what happens. Cysts do not always need to be removed, unless they become painful or large. If your doctor thinks the bump needs to be removed, this is usually a simple office procedure that can be done with just some numbing medication injected right into the skin.

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