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"Is this acid reflux?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this acid reflux?


I'm around 4 months pregnant and lately I've been having what feels like some vomit come half way up but then just sit there and burn in my throat and chest. Is this just something that comes along with being pregnant or is this acid reflux?


This definitely sounds like acid reflux, or heartburn as it is commonly called. Acid reflux is a condition in which the acid in the stomach escapes into the esophagus, causing a sensation of burning in the middle of the chest. Sometimes the acid climbs all the way into the throat, causing a sour taste and irritation of the back of the throat as well. Acid reflux or heartburn is very common in pregnancy. Early in pregnancy, this probably occurs because the pregnancy hormones in the blood stream actually cause the muscle sphincter controlling the flow of material from the esophagus into the stomach to relax, allowing acid to escape back out. Later in pregnancy, the growing size of the uterus may actually press on the stomach, and the pressure contributes to acid reflux. If you think you are having symptoms of acid reflux, it is important to go see your OB GYN doctor right away. Acid reflux can diminish your quality of life during pregnancy, and it can also contribute to trouble maintaining a healthy diet, which could impact your health and the health of the fetus. There are some medications that are approved for treating acid reflux during pregnancy, but you should get your doctor's opinion on which one is safe to use in your case.

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