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"Is there a cure for snoring?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a cure for snoring?


My wife's snoring is out of control and it makes me worried about her health. She is slightly overweight but I'm more worried that something is wrong with her throat. Is there something she can have done to her throat that would stop her snoring? Is there a cure for snoring?


Snoring occurs when certain people fall asleep because the muscles and tissue in the back of the throat relax, causing them to vibrate with inspiration and expiration, which creates the snoring noise. If your wife is a loud snorer she should definitely talk to her primary care doctor about this issue, especially if the snoring has recently gotten worse or if she feels that she is not well rested after a night's sleep. I say this because there are several medical conditions which can cause or contribute to snoring and they should be identified and treated. For example, nasal congestion from bad nasal allergies or from sinus problems can cause snoring. If these conditions are diagnosed by your wife's primary care doctor, they tend to be easy to treat with simple medications, and the result is often great improvement in the snoring. Another important problem associated with snoring, especially in those who are overweight, is something called obstructive sleep apnea. This condition can be diagnosed with a specialized test called a sleep study, which her primary care doctor can set up. Identifying and treating obstructive sleep apnea is important because it contributes to low energy levels and can also cause several long term medical problems, such as high blood pressure and low oxygen levels.

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