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"Would Kenalog help with my allergic reaction?"

ZocdocAnswersWould Kenalog help with my allergic reaction?


I had an allergic reaction from a laundry detergent I think. My friend has some Kenalog that he says will help it. Will it? Is it okay to take his medication or will it make my allergic reaction worse?


To answer your question -- yes and no. While a kenalog cream may improve your symptoms of an Allergic reaction, I would not recommend that you use it at this time. There are many potential harms that can be caused by this medicine. As such, I would recommend that you see your primary care doctor to have this rash evaluated and then determine the appropriate treatment. Kenalog is a steroid known by its medical name: triamcinolone. Steroids suppress the immune system. An allergic reaction is essentially an immune response gone haywire! Therefore in theory the medicine would help an immune reaction. But there are many problems with just using the cream. Firstly, if the allergic stimulus is still there. Then the steroid will eventually fail -- you must remove the detergent. Secondly, if is is not a allergy but infection, this could allow the infection to run rampant. The other major problem is that the steroid creams have many side effects. For example, thinning the skin can occur as can acne. The appropriate strength ( nor ally measure by a percentage) is important when using the cream. The actual use of a steroid cream to improve an allergic rash makes sense, but is more complicated then just trying it. Please talk to your doctor.

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