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"Does my swollen gland have anything to do with the pain in my neck and back?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes my swollen gland have anything to do with the pain in my neck and back?


I have an aching pain in my neck and back but I also noticed that the gland on the left side of my throat is swollen. Could the swollen gland have anything to do with the pain in my neck and back?


I think it is unlikely that the swollen gland in your neck is associated with pain in your neck or back. Most of the time, swollen glands are a sign of an infection in the throat, such as a common cold. In addition to swollen glands, there may be sore throat, cough, congestion, or runny nose. Rarely, swollen glands in the throat may be associated with a serious condition called a posterior pharyngeal abscess, where an infection in the throat invades the tissue at the back of the throat, leading swelling that might be interpreted as neck pain. However people with this problem are usually very sick, with severe pain in the throat, trouble swallowing, and fever. It sounds more likely that your neck and back pain is related to musculoskeletal fatigue or strain, which typically causes an aching pain on the sides of the spinal column that responds to rest, stretching exercises and anti inflammatory pain killers. However, I think it is worth going to see your primary care doctor about the issue. They will be able both to evaluated your swollen glands and also your back pain and help you come up with good treatment plans, as necessary, for both of these symptoms.

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