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"Did I get appendicitis from drinking too much?"

ZocdocAnswersDid I get appendicitis from drinking too much?


I had to have my appendix out last month because I have appendicitis. Could it be from drinking too much alcohol? I don't think I have a problem but I do drink pretty heavily on the weekends, every weekend. Could that have something to do with my appendix?


The appendix is a closed end tube like structure that is attached to the colon. It does not serve any vital importance, but it can cause problems. Appendicitis is a condition where the appendix gets infected an inflamed. Since the appendix is a closed structure, it is at risk for rupturing when it gets infected. A ruptured appendix is a very dangerous condition that can result in death. Therefore when the signs and symptoms of appendicitis are there, most people end up having their appendix taken out. Appendicitis is usually caused by a piece of stool that gets stuck at the opening. This closes the end of the appendix which can allow for an infection to fester in a closed space. So far as we know, appendicitis is not caused by drinking alcohol. Most of the time, we don't find out the exact cause of someone's appendicitis. I will say that you should try and cut down on your drinking on the weekends. Heavy drinking is never good for your health. The best physician for you to speak to about this is your primary care physician. I suggest that you schedule an appointment soon to discuss this issue and how it may effect your health down the road.

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