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"Is my jaw pain from wisdom teeth?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my jaw pain from wisdom teeth?


What age do people get their wisdom teeth. I'm 24 and I'm having jaw pain on the right side of my head/face. Is this from my wisdom teeth coming in? How do you know when they are coming in?


Jaw pain can come from many different sources, and one of them is the eruption of 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) or the crowding that they can cause. While you are within the appropriate age range for this to be the cause, there are other causes which could possibly be more common. If you feel that you are constantly under large amounts of stress, it is quite possible that you are grinding your teeth (bruxism, as it is called by doctors and dentists) and that this is leading to some soreness in your jaw. This soreness can contribute to or even be the same as another syndrome known as Temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction syndrome, or TMJ. This is essentially inflammation of one of the joints of your jaw, and is very common. It can usually be treated conservatively with good results (conservative treatment meaning exercises, rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, etc). At times, either for bruxism or for TMJ, a bite block can be helpful to reduce the symptoms. There are obviously many other reasons that you can be having jaw pain, and if it continues you should see a health professional, either your doctor (likely an ENT aka otolaryngologist) or your dentist.

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