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"Does back pain indicate a kidney infection?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes back pain indicate a kidney infection?


If I have back pain in the lower part does that mean that I have a kidney infection. How do you know if you have one is it just from back pain or other things too?


Back pain from a kidney infection is usually a bit different from back pain caused by other injuries such as a muscle strain or a back sprain. For starters, kidney infections usually start with a urinary tract infection. The only exception to this is kidney infections that start with a kidney stone. This possibility should be considered in anyone that has low back pain such as yourself. Urinary tract infections often cause burning with urination, pain in the pelvic region, urinary urgency, and sometimes fever. Sometimes these symptoms are mild enough that they get ignored. In some cases, the infection can move up the urinary tract to the kidneys. When this happens we call it pyelonephritis. This type of infection usually causes severe fever, and back pain. The pain is not in the middle of the back, but rather over the muscles of the lower back and his tender to the touch. Pyelonephritis needs treated with antibiotics. I suggest that you schedule an appointment to see your primary care physician. Your doctor will want to perform a comprehensive physical exam and get a urinalysis to rule out a kidney infection. The two of you can then discuss what the best options are for treatment of your low back pain.

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