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"What is the recovery like after you have a schwannoma removed?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the recovery like after you have a schwannoma removed?


I have a schwannoma on my rear end that I am having removed. What will the recovery be like? Will having it removed make sure that I don't get another one?


A spinal schwannoma, which is what it sounds like you have, is a very rare type of tumor that involves a growth of special cells in the nervous system that help to promote electrical conduction and normal functioning of the nerves as they leave the spinal cord. For this reason, fortunately, most schwannomas are found outside the actual spinal cord itself. This means that, although they generally wrap around 1 or more nerves and may cause symptoms like pain and numbness or tingling, they do not usually invade the spinal cord itself, which makes them both easier to remove and also less likely to cause permanent lasting symptoms. You will, however, need to meet with the neurosurgeon who is going to be operating in your case to get the specific answers to your questions, as they are the only one capable of commenting on the particular complexities of your situation. Recovery, for example, will depend in part on where exactly the tumor is, how large it is, and how difficult the surgery is. Similarly, there is a small chance that the schwannoma may recur after surgery, but this is again dependent in large part on the size and location in your case. Talk to your neurosurgeon!

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