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"What kind of changes in their life should someone with high blood pressure make?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kind of changes in their life should someone with high blood pressure make?


My husband has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. He is taking the medication but hasn't really changed his lifestyle at all. What kind of lifestyle changes should he make? I want him to make the kind of changes that will improve his health.


High blood pressure is sometimes called a "silent killer" because it can have dramatic effects on the health of a person over the course of their life without ever having any symptoms. Most people with high blood pressure only find out because their doctor screens for it, but, if left untreated, these people can go on to be more likely to have heart attacks, strokes, blindness, and many other health problems. The best treatment is centered around a combined approach of diet, exercise, and medications. For most people, all 3 are necessary for the best control. Avoiding salt is the most important thing that a person can do to help keep their blood pressure down. Salt acts to keep water in the body (as we all know). This extra water keeps the blood vessels "tanked up" and at a higher pressure than they otherwise would be. By decreasing salt intake, this effect is reduced. Extra potassium can be helpful as well. Exercise is another important component because those who exercise regularly have generally lower blood pressure than those who do not. There are obviously other health benefits as well. Please speak with your husbands doctor about what other changes can be made, and if medications are necessary.

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