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"What should I do if antibiotics did not cure my swollen tonsils?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if antibiotics did not cure my swollen tonsils?


I have swollen tonsils so I went to the doctor. I took the antibiotics she gave me but I still have the swelling and I think it is getting worse because my ear hurts too. What should I do about my tonsils if the antibiotics aren't working??


If you had a bacterial throat infection, like strep throat, and you have been taking the antibiotics as directed, then you should be starting to feel better. The strep bacteria that causes the throat infection is usually very responsive to treatment with antibiotics, and the symptoms typically start to get better within a few days starting the antibiotics. Therefore, I recommend that you go back to see your primary care doctor who prescribed the antibiotics for you. They will need to take a look in your throat again to see what is going on. The fact that you are not getting better on antibiotics is concerning, and it means your doctor will want to look for other potential problems. For example, sometimes a sore throat infection can worsen and lead to a problem such ask an abscess behind the tonsil or in the back of the throat. In addition to your sore throat and ear pain, other symptoms that might occur with those problems would include fever, trouble opening your jaw, or trouble swallowing, so make sure to mention to your doctor if you are experiencing any of those symptoms. Get in to see your doctor right away so they can figure out why you are not feeling better.

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