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"Is it normal to have drainage after I had a cyst on my tonsil removed?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal to have drainage after I had a cyst on my tonsil removed?


My ear nose and throat doctor cut and drained a cyst that I had on my tonsil. It totally stopped all the discomfort I was having in my throat but there is some drainage that is still there where the cyst was. Is this normal? Will it continue to drain as it heals or is something wrong with what the doctor did?


Cysts can sometimes form inside the tonsils, usually as a result of chronic infections or inflammation there. Opening up and draining the cysts is sometimes the only way to get it to go away, since healing requires cleaning out the liquid or material that collects inside the cyst. Most of the time, after opening and draining the cyst like this, the 'hole' where the cyst was is left open. Gradually, over a period of days to weeks, new tissue comes in to fill in the hole, leading to, finally, complete healing of the cyst. However, while this is happening, there may continue to be some drainage from the area, and this is generally totally normal. However, occasionally, the area may become infected after the procedure. Therefore, if there is any significant swelling, redness, or pain of the area, or if the drainage becomes thick and pus-like, those would all be signs that you would need to seek medical help right away. I assume that your ear, nose, and throat doctor gave you a follow up appointment, and I would highly recommend that you make sure to go to that appointment, because they will be able to examine your throat and make certain that everything is healing as expected.

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